Relax, You’ve got this!

How many times have we said that and we don’t? I can count so many times it just isn’t funny anymore but I realized something, I do got this! I really do. When I get into those moods I go out to my porch and there are some amazing little colonies in my back yard.  I love to just sit there and look around. There is so much going on that I have to take a minute to grasp it.  To them it is survival to the fittest. It reminds me that we are not alone. All animals, birds, and even the insects alike share the same issues that we do. We all want to survive!

The white squirrel you see in front of you is a little meany that thinks he owns the back yard. He doesn’t care you’re watching him either. If he catches a squirrel eating up his food he will fight to make the other leave. We have brown and white squirrels which are a community within themselves. Then there is the hurt squirrels that pick up food later if not the others will torment them and they won’t get any food at all. So it is best for them to wait tell later but they usually have to watch out for the Red-tailed Hawks. We have two and I have watch them pick a squirrel up like it was nothing. That was the Hawks food for the day. They know the pattern of nature as well and picks off the weak.

There are so many birds in my backyard as well. The Ruby throat Hummingbirds are so territorial they will fly over to you and just sit there looking at you because “Hey you’re in our space”. We have three beautiful families of Cardinals which fight among themselves.  There are a few Carolina Chickadee’s and Carolina Wrens. I even have robins, blue birds and the Morning Doves. All of them are just trying to survive like us! I just love the sound of the the Dove. Such beautiful music.

Now, what else could put your life into perspective but nature! I mean really! Do we really have it that bad? No, I don’t think we do. So next time you don’t think you got it, look outdoors and think how long does that butterfly have to live. What about that bee, the spider that is climbing up your house or even the misquote that is biting you. Do you really have it that bad? Just Relax! We got this!


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