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Welcome to my site I started this when everyone would come to me to find products from American stores.  I know, we are all aware that the United States economy is really in the trash.  Everyone is looking for jobs and it doesn’t matter where.  Therefore, I thought, let me do my part and get some information out to people so we can get our workers back to work.   With that in mind, let me do the research, you sit back and shop.

Here is a list of the online stores you can visit to make a difference in the US.  At the bottom is a list of the products you can buy that keeps America Strong. Fill free to bookmark my site and use the page at your convenience. I know the company and the worker would love to have the business.


Launched on July 4, 2010, USAonly lists companies that make their products here in the United States. With emphasis on smaller, mom-and-pop companies, the website currently features 320 companies. The website is interactive and keeps track of how many employed Americans are represented by the companies listed.


Etsy.com is a community of artisans and artists that sell their products in an online marketplace. Products in categories like jewelry, furniture, and “geekery” are available for purchase. Each description links to the artisan’s profile, where you can learn more about their designs and career.


The MIT Media Lab created Sourcemap as a database and tool for everyone to use to find out where all the products in their everyday life come from. From Mangoes to Levi Jeans the program allows you to trave the orgin of what you buy and also add the source information for other products you have researched.


MadeHereInAmerica.com is an easy-to-use directory of consumer products that are made in the United States. Company descriptions include what percentage of products are made in America.


Petroit sells a variety of made in America products, from clothing to tools, and everything in between.


Headquartered in Bridgeport, Mich., AmericanMadeProducts.com Inc. sells more than 9,000 products made, manufactured or assembled in America.


MadeinAmericaStuff.com sells products made in the U.S.A. The website is based in Houston.


This website is a searchable directory of goods made in the United States, with categories ranging from “Air Cleaners” to “Vitamins.”


Nearly 2,300 products made in the United States are available for purchase on MadeInUSAForever.com.


StillMadeInUSA is a directory of American-made products. Click on a category and you’ll be directed to links to companies across the country manufacturing in the United States. Each link includes a description of the company and lets you know where it’s located.


The website is a product search engine and database for those looking for products made in the United States.


MadeByYankees.net has a database with nearly 3,000 products that are made in the United States, listed by manufacturer. Only the listed products are made in America. The manufacturer also may sell products made outside of the United States.


The Made in the USA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes products manufactured and assembled in America. Clicking on “Shop USA” brings you to a category list where you can access links to companies’ websites.


Links to companies selling products made in the USA.


http://furnituretraditions.net/Furniture-Made-in-America-USA.php Beautiful furniture made in America!

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel   Jeans made in North Carolina

http://furnituretraditions.net/Furniture-Made-in-America-USA.php Beautiful furniture made in America!

For more stores on the Web go here: http://www.americansworking.com/

This is the list featured on the news clip.

I will be adding to it myself, but wanted to give you all something to start with. Your comments and add-on’s are welcomed and appreciated!

Sports and Games:

Stryker Golf                                                        Eagle Claw

Nokona Baseball Gloves                                  Riedell Skates

J Pechauer Custom Cues                                 Wilson Footballs

Louisville Slugger                                             Fantasy Sports Trophies

Bears Playgrounds                                            Woodplay Playsets

The Original Tree Swing


Green Toys                                                        North Star Toys

Lark Toys                                                          American Plastic Toys

Green Town Toys                                            Little Tikes

Slinky                                                                K’NEX


Zentek Clothing                                                True Religion Brand Jeans

Sabaku Artwear                                                Rock Me! Baby Clothing

All American Clothing Co.                              L.L.Bean



Carolyn Pollack                                                  Beatrixbell Handcrafted Jewelry

She Beads, He Beads, Intention Beads.        Studio Jewel

Cosmetics, Soaps, and Candles:

Merle Norman                                                   Soap for Goodness Sake

Keepsake Candles                                             Warm Glow Candle Company

Stationary and Prints:

Homestead Cards                                             Meissenburg Designs: Old Wood Signs


Made in America Stores:

NuBe Green                                                      Wisconsin Made

Made in America Store

Bags and Backpacks:

Tom Bihn                                                         Sally Spicer

Willi Nilli                                                         cinda b

Purse Perfector                                               CBHstudio

For the Kitchen:

H.F. Coors Dinnerware                                  Tervis Tumblrs


NESCO Kitchen Products                              Vinturi Wine Aerator

Sunset Hill Stonewear                                    NordicWear

Glass Dharma: The Original Glass Straw

For the Home:

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio                        Hartstone Pottery

Fenton Art Glass Company                           The American Heritage Ornament Series

Flag Zone                                                          Record Players

Food & Candy:  

Jelly Belly




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